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We at CPR are dedicated to preserving Runyon Canyon as a wilderness area for community hiking and off-leash exercise for our dogs. We remain steadfast in our ongoing fight to stop developers (whether corporate or "non-profit") from commercializing our beloved canyon. We oppose attempts to change it from a "wilderness area" into a "recreation area" because of (1) the noise that would echo through the canyon, disrupting the serenity of the park, and (2) due to current regulations, there cannot be a recreation area next to an off-leash dog area. Therefore, by allowing a basketball court or other sports field on Runyon grounds, the off-leash status of the park would be in danger. We oppose the City granting administrative authority to outside groups who do not answer to the people. We want the City to meet its obligations to maintain this beautiful park.

In essence, we support keeping Runyon Canyon a natural wilderness area.


We imagined an open letter to our beloved, Runyon Canyon. Here is what it would say...
Dear Runyon Canyon Park,

We love you dearly. For over thirty years you have given openly and abundantly to us and our community. You have given us a peaceful refuge to escape to. You have given hills to climb and goals to strive for. You have given scenic paths throughout your wilderness to hike and explore. You have given inspiring views from east to west of mountain ranges, city skyline, and countless sunsets to adore and share with friends. You have given us a trusted place to let our dogs roam freely without their leashes. You have given countless visitors from across the country and around the world a must-visit destination worth planning for. Above all, you have uniquely given us a calm serenity steps away from the chaos of your busy urban surroundings.

You have given so much to us, and now it is our turn to give to you. In the face of those seeking to disrupt the peace of your refuge; reconfigure your hills and scenic wilderness for the sake of corporate interest and commercial opportunities; place leashes on our dogs while disrupting the serenity that you so naturally have given, we have chosen to give you our unwavering support and protection. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of everything that uniquely makes you who YOU are. We are on YOUR side. We remain 100% dedicated to the preservation of your natural beauty and stand ready to defend you against those who try to "recreate" you into something other than what you are right now - a serene, natural wilderness nestled in the middle of Hollywood.

Your true friends,
-Citizens Preserving Runyon
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